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Author Topic: Savage MK 2 any experience?  (Read 88 times)


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Savage MK 2 any experience?
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:36:50 PM »

Hey guys been awhile. But I wanted to see if any of you have experience with the Savage MK2 rifle series. The local Big 5 has one in camo with a cheap scope for $289 and Im seriously considering picking it up.

I want a good accurate bolt action .22lr and im seriously considering the CZ 455, Savage MK 2 and Steyr RFR. I really like the Steyr but cant find much on them or one to play with for that matter.
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Re: Savage MK 2 any experience?
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2018, 04:03:57 PM »

i have the Savage Model 93r17 in 17 HMR. from what i understand, the Mk 2 and the model 93 are essentially the same basic action with some minor differences. i have heard the Model 93's are supposedly a little better made and more accurate than the Mk 2 models, but i have no proof as to if that is true or not.

but, what i will say is this, i bought mine as combo deal about 2004 for about $260 plus tax. since then i have replaced the stock with a Boyd's laminated stock, a Rifle Basix trigger sear, an a BSA Sweet 17 scope in 6-18x40 and new rings. i have about a little over $600 in the rifle now. it's a damned accurate rifle. IMO it was money well spent.

now the problem i have with most rim-fire rifles are they just don't fit me. they feel like a child's gun to me. changing the stock on mine to the Boyd's was the best money i did spend on that rifle. it now fits me and feels like an adult sized rifle. some people have suggested i spend more money and buy a higher quality rifle and i wouldn't have that problem. not true at all. even some of the more expensive rim-fire rifles still do not fit me. so a stock change would still be needed for me, or at least a modification of some sort.

but if i were in the market for a bolt action 22 lr, i'd look at the Savage Model 93's as well. at some point in the near future, i would like to add back into my collection a 22 Mag. again, and the Savage Model 93 is the one that would be the front line contender at being considered.