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Rules of Engagement

PistolTalk.org is a douchebag, bigot and asshat free zone, created as a place where like minded members can hang out to discuss guns, gear, strategy, mindset, current events and pretty much anything under the sun.

Religion, politics, and “tin foil hat” discussions will be monitored closely and are allowed only in the areas designated for such topics.  Offending content WILL be removed immediately and with NO warning.  The staff member deleting the content will PM the OP to explain why.  Repeat offenders will be shown the door.

PTF does not have severe content limitations.  Basically, we allow any content that is legal under State & Federal law.  This will be an "R" rated site, so if you see it or hear it on HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax - it can be posted here.  Please be courteous and respectful.

Unlike other sites, all members of the moderators here have the power to remove any content or members as they deem necessary.  They are not required to ask permission before they act and we trust their judgment.  We do discuss things in the staff area and have yet to see anyone rush to judgment.  If you have complaints about any staff member or what they have done - PM one of the Admins and we'll look into the situation.

We trust our members and staff to act responsibly, honorably and respectfully, so we have a minimum number of rules.

Here they are...

1.) Do not badmouth other forums, websites, or members of other sites - we're above that.

2.) No bullying. This includes flaming, trolling, ambushing, etc.  

3.) No personal attacks, period. Zero tolerance for this.

4.) No illegal activities. Do we really need to have a rule about these?

5.) Foul language and racy photos. We are all adults, but not all of us like profanity. So the open areas of the forum should be kept to a PG13 level, similar to late night cable TV. Once your forum wanderings have gained you access to the restricted access areas of the forum, you can swear like a sailor and post NSFW photos. Access to these areas is granted after a new member has gained the trust of the Members and Staff.

6.) Overt & obvious douchebaggery, asshattery, or trolliness is dealt with swiftly, and with finality.  Zero tolerance for this as well.

Please bring your sarcasm, your sense of irony, your humor, your knowledge, and everything that you value and wish to share. Just be courteous and respectful to those around you and we'll be just fine.